If you, face any problem in your normal daily life like sprains, arthritis or posture mechanics then you can visit any of the centres for Internal Medicine in South Riding. They will provide you with the treatment that is necessary to help you get back to your normal life. These centres have highly skilled therapists who have special training to deal with orthopaedic problems.

The centres work to relieve the patient of pain by providing the finest therapy beside quality customer service to keep the patient happy. The staff at the Medical centres believes in providing on-site therapy which they believe is necessary for the patient to get back on his feet.

What are the Services Offered?

When you visit the medical centre at South Riding, The quality of care that you get is like no other. You can have a customized therapy to suit your treatment needs. The services that they offer include:

Annual Physicals
Emergency procedures
Managing of chronic diseases
Blood Work
Minor procedures
Sick Visits
Care coordination

At the medical centre they provide initial health care which includes family beside internal medicine. They have a local team with staff to attend to all the medical needs. They cover a wide range of services with the best technology. They have specialists of world-class repute and hospital network with facilities for outpatients.

What do Annual Physicals consist of?

When patients visit Medical care centre, they are provided with preventive care besides informing them to have their regular physicals every year. The physicals including checking their vitals like

Blood pressure
Chest X-ray if the physician feels it is necessary
Pap smear
EKG depending on the age
Urine dip
Blood work which includes, TSH, CMP, Lipid, CBC

The therapy appointments made are important for recovery and progress, so care should be taken to attend to all the scheduled sessions. In case you are unable to attend to an appointment you have to contact them 24 hours in advance. The therapists have packed schedules and delay has a negative effect.

What to Expect when Visiting South Riding Medical Care Centre?

When you visit Medical Care Centre in South Riding wear comfortable clothes and you can carry clothes to change. At the time of primary evaluation the therapist will prepare a program that will help in improving posture, joint motion, flexibility, strength, neurological status and address areas of functional limitations. The therapist may also give a program that has to be carried on at home. Physical therapy may include exercises as well as manual therapy.

Relaxing modalities may be used to appease injured muscles and bring down pain and swelling. The responsibility of the patient is to be in time for all therapies. During the visit to the therapist the cell-phone should be switched off or kept on vibrator in special cases. To provide the patient with privacy during his therapy sessions the family members must stay in the waiting room unless the therapist needs their assistance.

You can have your annual physicals at South Riding and keep yourself fit.

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