Your garage door is the biggest moving part of the garage and in order for it to function properly and quietly, they need maintenance. Some of the garage door service maintenance jobs that should be done once every four months, or as it is needed can include the following.

Noisy garage door

When lubricating a garage door there are some things that you should not do. The first one is using WD-40 as a lubricant for the part of your garage door. You should use a silicone or lithium spray lubricant instead. The garage door parts that you should use the spray on include:

• The chain rail top
• Hinges
• Stems
• Arm bar
• Metal rollers with ball bearing
• Nubs
• The locks

Make sure that you do not spray the chain, track of the garage door, spring, or the chain rail bottom.

Garage door track

Another garage door service is cleaning the garage door track but do use any spray lubricants on it. The lubricant does not help it to function better but will collect material like dirt and dust. This matter will harden like concrete. You need to clean the track instead by wiping the inside track with a slightly wet cloth and then use another dry cloth to dry the track. If there is any sticky deposit inside the door track you can use WD-40 as a spray on the sticky stuff to get rid of it. WD-40 is considered a grease cutter more than it being a lubricant.

Realigning the garage door sensors

When your garage door opening electric sensors are not working, they could be out of alignment so you will need to realign them. All you will need to do is to push the sensors gently into the position where they are facing each other. When they are not aligned correctly, the lights blink but are solid when in alignment.

Resetting your garage door opener

If your garage door stops before it touches the driveway or briefly closes and then opens automatically, the opener needs to be reset. Although almost every openers for garage doors works differently, most can be reset using these instructions.

• Unplug the opener or shut the power off at your breaker box
• Wait ten seconds and turn back on the power
• Push the down arrow button, pushing until the door is completely closed
• Press the “set” button
• Press the up button and hold down until door is approximately seven inches from the opener
• Press set button

The opener for your garage should now be reset.

These are just some of the garage door services that a homeowner can do to make sure their garage door is working properly.

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