Turkey is becoming a well medical tourist place. It has already gained recognition for eyes care and is popularly trending for its hair transplant surgeries. Turkey is visited by almost 3000 tourist every month for hair transplantation. In comparison to the United States and the United Kingdom, treatment rates here are very cheap and results are of very same quality. More than 85% of hair transplant patient come to turkey. Before 2009 FUT was widely used in Turkey. However with some research and development FUE follicular unit extraction technique begin. Market shifted to FUE and Turkey become the leader in hair transplantation using FUE.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE involves manual removal of hair follicle from donor site, thus there is little or no damage to donor site. Donor site for this procedure usually is back of the head. This portion of head is genetically immune to baldness. Their roots are sought to be insensitive and last long life. Compared to FUT their invasion is very less hence fast recovery is estimated.

Also regrowth of hair is in natural pattern which is most satisfying to the patients. Cases in which follicular unit extractions are needed when donor site is exhausted. In cases where donor site is unhealthy, graft cannot be taken. Thus using follicular unit extraction only follicles can be extracted from other sites such as beard, chest hair or in some cases eyebrow.

Few advantages of FUE

-    Minimum invasion- 0.6 to 0.8mm of wound occurs in removal of hair follicle. This is very less compared to 4-5cm wound caused when large patch of skin is removed.

-    Satisfying results- large quantity of follicles can integrated in one session hence even patient with severe balding see great results.

-    Fast recovery- as the size of wound is small it heals fast. Normally 10-14 is enough for the entire healing process with no ill-effects post-surgery.

-    No scarring- as in invasion is very less compared to FUT, there is minimal or no scarring seen.

Why to choose Istanbul

With growing completion Istanbul has also upgraded its health care facilities and has gained considerable recognition for hair transplantation. Istanbul harbors more than 350 hair transplant clinics. With so many clinics in same place, clinics with less trained professional have also started up. So it’s important to search good and experienced tricologist. We have all trained and experienced professionals and assistant as the name suggest only assist.  

In developed countries like United States or United Kingdom, prices per graft are much higher than Turkey. United States have rates starting from $40 - $100 thus total cost of treatment ranges from $3000 - $3000, wherein in UK it is 4,300-21,500 (£3,000 to £15,000). Turkey provides six times better price with same quality of success rates. After all, it’s not like all best treatments have be expensive.

We follow stage transplanting, thus we take smaller grafts. This ensure the grafts are vascularized properly and integrate to site faster. With no use micro motors for excision of follicle donor site repairs fast as well.

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The Hair Transplant Cost operation with FUE method is depending on whether the head hair or body hair is used and what type of hair shaving is needed in Istanbul, Turkey. For more information & other beneficial details, please visit at Fue-hlc.com .