My father was an angry man and when we kids got in trouble he used to hit us with his belt or slipper. And lots of people in this day and age have abuse to deal with. And the key to all of this… is to forgive.

When I was a kid my siblings and I would get into trouble now and then Mom would say, “Wait until your father gets home you are going to get a spanking”. And I don’t know if the psychological strain of waiting was the worst or getting hit by my father’s belt… but both were bad. And as a kid, I used to hold onto a lot of anger and it got worse in my 20’s.

And then when my father died at the age of 57 of a stress heart attack it was not easy because I had anger from the past and anger because he passed away very young. And this went on for a long time until I started working on myself and going inward for answers. And the more meditation I did, the more introspection I did, the more workshops I took, and the more opened myself up to love I did… the more I healed.

And eventually, I forgave my father completely, because I found out as a child that he too was abused. Thus how could I be angry at a man that was only doing what he knew from his past? I couldn’t be angry, I was sad that he had to go through all that pain and suffering. And thus I decided that I had to forgive, forget, and move on with life… and I did.

And it’s interesting that when I was an angry kid I was always attracting angry people into my life. I thought that was the norm… but when I forgave both my parents all of that changed. All of a sudden all the angry people disappeared and loving, kind, giving people appeared in my life. We produce vibrations that are spreading out into the cosmos and like attracts like… thus we are the creators of our universe.

In fact, an angry man that I know just fell down and broke his leg and he is always having negative things happen in his life. While all the other people around him don’t have such things happening. And a good friend of mine, his father-in-law would go out to dinner with him and his father-in-law was an angry man and he was always ended up with parking tickets, getting mugged, and lots of other terrible things. All because he was very angry… and the universe responds in like kind.So the most important aspect of all of this is to… open up to love (Great Spirit)… to let go of the past, plus love those that are full of anger… and forgive, forget, and move on with life.

Thus you are free to be yourself and the past can be the past.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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