We need to have good food in order to have a powerful spiritual connection, our mind can’t run on that which is lacking in life-force. So eat life-giving food and uplift your spiritual vibration so you can connect to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

In ancient India, they talk about “Sattvic Food” or food which is full of prana or life-force.

If a person uses Kirlian photography which uses a charged plate to see life-force, one can check food for vibrational energy. Take a fresh spinach leaf and place it on the plate and take a photo with Kirlian photography and there is a powerful aura of energy all around the leaf. That energy looks like static charges of electricity being given off by the leaf— this is prana or life force.

Light energy is the life-force of prana or breath of life.

Take a bit of canned food of any kind, perhaps some canned spinach and place it on the charged plate and take a photo with Kirlian photography and there is no life-force around the food— it’s dead food. Thus we don’t have any life energy or powerful vibration to keep us going. And without that life force— it almost impossible to connect to Great Spirit.

This also goes back to the vibration of water.

Take a drop of water distilled water and place it on the charge plate and take a Kirlian photograph—will not have a charge around it - no life-force. But take water from a running stream and place it on a charged plate and take a Kirlian photograph, and there’s lots of vibrational energy around that water— it’s full of life force.

It’s said in all the spiritual texts— Eat Pure Food and Water— Full of God’s Energy.

And Dr. Emoto in Japan who passed away not too long ago did lots of work with water and the power of our emotions to change water’s life force. Dr. Emoto would take water from an industrial site and blow it into snowflakes and the snowflakes looked terrible. Then he would take very same water and pray over it or place that water in a bottle labeled with the name of God on it for a few hours. Then he would make another snowflake— and that snowflake looked beautiful.

Our emotions change the charge of everything.

It’s also important to eat food which is raised with positive emotions flowing from the farmer—thus we have food with prana energy or life-force. But food raised in factory farms is lacking prana energy. Food raised in factory farms is also lacking in the higher vibrations of love and kindness which creates powerful life-force or Sattvic energy in our food.

So eat sattvic food— Food Full of Life-Force and Stay Close to Great Spirit.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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