If you are a pet lover, you have seen enough of your beloved pet suffer from pain. If you want them to experience again, then you need to know what do I give my dog in pain?Understand that human pain medications should never be used on animals. You may think it’s harmless enough and indeed, some sites have said using a small amount of these pain relief medicines will not do your pet any damage, but why even risk it? Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc. Contain substances that are toxic to dogs and could be even lethal.

Reasons for pain:

Find out what it is exactly that your pet is suffering from. Many time, the problem is arthritis. Arthritis is when the joints of the canine are worn out and are usually brought on because of age, although sometimes certain sicknesses aggravate your dog’s situation. If arthritis is the reason:
•The best thing you can do is manage the animal’s diet and exercise well.
•Control his calorie intake because being overweight will put added stress on the joints that he can very well do without.
•Give him fresh fruits and vegetables daily and engage him in an exercise that will not put too much pressure on the joints like Frisbee.
•Try light walking or swimming instead.



What do I give my dog in pain? You can prescribe your pet a NSAID or nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drug to help ease the pain.
•Some examples of NSAID’s usually administered are Rimadyl, Etogesic, Novox, and Zubrin.
•If the dog is in intense pain, narcotics are sometimes used but only for a period. You must never attempt to administer any drug or medication without the veterinarian’s consent even if it is a mild human pain relief medication.

Herbal Treatment:

There are many natural herbal treatments that you can also use to alleviate your dog’s suffering. These are safe and have been reported to be effective when used consistently over time. You can find some of these really good herbal supplements on canine websites online. They can be taken together with the therapy of whatever treatment that your pet is currently on.

Pain relief massage :


•Ofcourse, if all else fails, you can always use the good oil massage to ease the tension and pain of your pet. A massage also stimulates blood flow which releases stress that can be the cause of the discomfort of your dog.
•For pain due to swelling, apply an ice pack on the inflammation for 20 minutes, every other hour or so.

So, now you have the right answer when people ask you- What do I give my dog in pain ? Dog pain relievers don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Mix in your tender loving care in there and watch a happy and healthy dog emerge in no time at all. The happier and healthier dog has least chances to suffer from pain or any other medical condition which is by far the best remedy for dogs.

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