Ever cooking was a true art that was transferred from generation to generation. Nowadays, for many people, it's the norm to get everything out of a packet and make it easy for you to give to all your lazy impulses in the kitchen. Cooking seems to take a lot of time, but cooking a meal with fresh ingredients is accompanied by a lot of benefits to your body and mind.

Today it's your turn to Cook? This may sound awesome sometimes but not always. You can hardly plan your work, friends and sporting activities, where would you find the time to prepare food? Let's say you want to work with pots and pans in your free time. And yet, there are still, there are many benefits of cooking for your loved one. For both men and women! Following are the four most important.

1. Wallet-friendlyYou like to go out for dinner and try out a new restaurant every weekend. On the one hand, you save the time you spend on a complicated dish in the kitchen and afterward have to clear everything. However, diners eat outside your door to your wallet, which is certainly not optimal for people who are living in a strict budget. A homemade meal is a cheaper alternative to save you money with money.

2. Better tasteIf you can choose the most delicious fresh ingredients yourself, you are not dependent on a possible second-rate alternative of restaurants. In addition, you have control over portions and quantities, ensuring you have a healthy meal on the table if your goal is.

3. Creativity
Well, someone who cooks without a prescription is often a creative thinker. He/She is inspired by his/her experiences, thoughts, and feelings in determining the ingredients, herbs , times and temperatures. This kind of date depends greatly on its mood. Preparing a meal together can be a challenge. A man will not easily follow the guidelines of others. To keep the peace it is better to make him decide, you can keep up with the table arrangement.

4. Less stress
Research has shown that cooking as a hobby helps stress. During cooking, serotonin is released, the hormone that affects our mood. As a result, you experience a much more positive energy. Cooking is as therapeutic as reading a book or painting; your brain and body come to rest.

As women and men cooking style are different, a survey of 2,000 British men and women shows that there are many differences between the sexes in the kitchen. The ten most interesting figures in a row.

  • Women cook twice as often as men.
  • Women prefer simple, fast food; "always the same" according to honey. Not illogical: they usually take part in the weekday 'evening rush'.
  • 35 percent of men find themselves more adventurous and experimental in the kitchen and 'a good cook'. Already not illogical.
  • 42 percent of men prefer to cook something "difficult" like risotto, curry. Because they have time for it, on weekends, when they cook because it comes out, not because it has to.
  • Men, therefore, get their inspiration from cooking programs(37 percent), where 20 percent is also a regular occurrence. Women prefer traditional cuisine: half grabs back to mother's / grandma's recipes .
  • A quarter of women have 21 recipes in her "memory", even though half are always the same due to lack of time.
  • 10 percent of women are jealous of her husband's cooking .
  • Nearly six out of ten women wish she had more time to experiment in the kitchen.
  • A quarter of the men regularly cook a three-course menu for her.
  • But how good men are also in the kitchen: almost twice as many children prefer her cooking art above her: 28 versus 15 percent. The other half of the children all seem equal (or just as little).
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Misty Jhones