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In the words of T.S. Eliot,” We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."Travellingisa not about acquiring a passport and visa. It is about the freedom it entails. It is about the passport to life and joy. It is about the stories which one makes in the course of his travel. It is much more than government seals on passportsand custom's verification. One simply does not travel by flying to a new land. But is only a true traveller when he goes there with a mind of exploration and enthusiasm. It is very necessary to go to a place with all our heart and soul. Without the intention of exploration and curiosity a journey becomes monotonous and futile. We travel to find purpose, while the whole purpose of travel is to find our inner selves. Travelling opens gate to knowledge, a wise man once said. It is very true,apart from knowledge it opens gates to spirituality, love, courtesy and friendship . One learns the true value of these when he steps out in a new world, completely different to the one he has been living for all his life. The onlything he needs to make his escape is money. No journey is possible without proper funds. So, to make travel easier, there are many travel websites which give proper guidance on how to travel cheap. Using computer repair jobs, computer support abroad can fetch the desired results too.
Sites such as Hovos are benefactors for people who want to travel but do not have proper funding. Hovos gives them opportunities to earn and get some offers from clients called host. The host iswilling to offer food and shelter to the volunteers. These volunteers are mainlytourists visiting that particular place. In this process they both benefit from each other's service. Hence, it is fair and just to use it. All the more, it is a very good example of how mutual cooperation works. In today's world it is very necessary to learn to co-exist. Hovos lets us do that. Thereare multiple jobs mentioned on Hovos such as teaching a language to a kid,pet sitting, project volunteering , construction jobs, farming, fruit picking etc. Computer support abroad, computer repair jobsare some of those pretty basic jobs.
To think of earning whiletravelling is very fascinating. People have great opportunities in their ways and it is up to them to grab all of them. Hovos for example lets one choose between the jobs very easily according to the interest and ease of the volunteer. Some try to have jobs which they might have experience in while some try jobs which might be new but interesting. All together the end result is pretty much the same, as they are getting free meals and a place to stay in for free. Sometimes some of these jobs involve payment also which varies from hosts to hosts. If it is about help in lodging and food jobs like computer help for free, computer support abroad, computer repair jobs are very good if one knows computers well.
It is interesting to see how things have changed in today's world. There was a time when sending letters was a tedious job but now with the rise of emailing companies that can be done on the go digitally without having to use a pen or paper. The tasks which would take us hours and now done witha single click and with light fast speed. With the dawn of computer age, everything has become simpler, more concise and quick. But what happens one we change some of our habits suddenly? It is always difficult to adapt. It is really hard to make a transition. Still, there are many people who don't know how to use a computer. The younger generation has no problem dealing with it as they are brought up in this age right from birth. But for the middle aged and elderly people it is something new and difficult to learn. They clearly need our assistance and support to make them aware how this new aged technology works. For example, we have many a times helped our parents with the lanwifi, their smartphones whatever and whenever they needed. In the same way there are people who don't have that privilege, hence want someone to give them some computer help for free. These people are willing to give full lodging and meals to those helping them to cope up with this machinery.
Not only them, but everyone needs computer support at one time or the other. Some things are more technical that can only be done by an expert. One who has a good command on computer science. Volunteers who provide computer support abroad are mostly familiar with the internal working as well as the hardware assembly of the computer. The term computer support means the process of diagnosing, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair ofa computer or similar another technical device. It also involves the assembly of varioushardware of a computer system such as printers, scanners, monitor, CPU etc. It enables users or clients in this case to seek and receive specialized computer maintenance locally in their homes or work place or remotely over the internet. Computer support is a bit different from what is called technical support which is a more generalized part of IT based support.The assistance that they provide ranges from general operations and its hardware, software ,operating system or network issues. Locally it can be done by physically working on the system while remotely it can be done by guiding the client step by step over a call,email,chat or video conferencing. Remotely too, a computer support technician can log in to a system to analyse the problem. The basic skills needed for being able to provide computer support is to have interpersonal and problem-solving skills, familiarity with Windows and Mac operating systems, knowledge about servers, hardware like graphics card, RAM, IC and Microsoft products. Though no such degree or graduation is needed for this job. But for credibility and dependability one should possess some kind of certification courses by companies like Microsoft, HP etc.
Hence,we see that one can effectively use his skill set for his own good. Be it earning money anywhere in the world or managing the travelling expenses one makes. As we said earlier, the true meaning to our journey is not given by our travelling far but by the travelling to one's inner self. If we could listen closely to the voices in our head, they all tell us to follow our dreams . And to follow your dream you need to see how the world works, see people, interact with them and learn from them. We have often heard about people saying that mistakes are a stepping stone to success. But, in reality we should not be waiting to make mistakes, learning is a far better step to step on to strive for success. Focus on it, use your abilities. If you are good at computers and you want to make a foreign tour you need to look for computer support jobs abroad.

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