A person invests his valuable money with the aim to gain profit on that invested income. It is must to invest money in a right place to get right profit on investment.A financial planner or investment advisor should be capable to guide you what to invest, where to invest and how to invest and provide best trading tips like commodity tips, Gold and silver tips and much more.

Following are the main characteristics of a good investment advisor -

1. A SEBI Registered firm – Your advisory company should be a sebi registered investment advisor because legally it is essential to register in sebi (Security Exchange Board of India) if they are not then please do not pay them for their services. There is no guarantee of the quality of the services given by an unregistered company.

2. Good communication - As in relationships, communication is key and same applies in professional relationships also. There are some people who may not feel the need to meet with their financial advisor because of lack of time or anything, but it is important to keep the communication process clear. Meeting with your investment advisor only once a year is sometimes not enough it may affect your profit also. If you are investing your valuable money then you should have to give time to manage it properly.

3.Good reputation – Referrals works best. If someone providing referral of an advisor then surely he worked with that company or advisor. Getting a better referral from a close friend or family member can be the first step in finding the perfect financial advisor for you. Considering the background and reputation of the selected company is good. Ask the following question - Are they local? Do they have their success record? Check their current status, their service quality and planning process too.

4. A supported team – Make sure your investment advisory company have a strong educated and experienced team who support them in every step because a good advisor should have a wide range of experts to meet basic needs of their clients. A team of experts and their best approaches ensures your that you are getting professional advice that you require to ameet any specialized investment goal.

5.Clear investment strategies – Make sure your advisory company has their own clear and string profit making strategies, they provide your best to best plans and best recommendations on trading so that you can earn better return and if the market circumstances would change, as it often happens, then, in this case, your advisor should take those strategies under consideration and help you revise your financial plans.

6. Trust builder - It is important for you to have a complete trust on your financial advisor. Your investment advisor should trust builder so that you can trust them regarding right investment. One of the best ways to do this is to go for referrals from people you trust, like your best friends and family . Because if you do not trust your advisor how can you provide them the responsibility to handle your money.

Almost every advisor has their own list of what they want in their financial advisor. It is better to take your time, do some important research, and meet with different advisors then choose your investment advisor.

Author's Bio: 

I am priya rajput, working as Digital marketing analyst in Epic Research Limited-the leading advisory firm in India. I regularly writes about commodity market to give gold and silver tips.