Cafe Prahran is one of the best places to take your breakfast and enjoy the different facilities this place always provide at the same time. Such as, amazing food and special coffee and different types of drinks. Furthermore, availability of organizing private parties, engagement parties, corporate function and birthday celebration.

Private function

It is considered as the ideal place for private occasions, such as engagement parties and function spaces. The stuff team could guarantee you a very special and different celebration for your private event. In addition, they always take into consideration every tiny details that the customer mention and want. The client’s requirements are our order and we always execute as they prefer. There is a wide range of drinks. For example, wine and mixed drinks menus and offering any additional support to design the best way to suit your occasion Such as cakes.

Engagement function

It is considered as the best place to celebrate your engagement party. We a famous for our special bars and function places. Oscar Cooper team includes many professional people who are able to guarantee you a very special and happy occasion more than you could expect. All of them are working together to apply your requirements as their orders. For instance, wide range of drinks like wine and mixed drinks to be suitable to your party. Moreover, designing and performing the cake party enrichments. In conclusion we guarantee you special memories for your whole life.

Corporate function

Oscar Cooper is the most suitable place to perform functions venue to you to have a perfect product launch. In addition, corporate celebration is held in one of the most magnificent places such as, bars and function places. Oscar Cooper has a well trained team and all of them are more friendly and professions to serve you with very high quality services to make you happy and comfortable and make your celebration more convenient and without any kind of stress. We have many varieties in our food and drink menus. As a result, surly you would find your desires, wishes and more than your expectations. Furthermore, we provide an additional service such as organising celebration cake depends on the occasion atmosphere. And also many kinds of drinks. For instance, wine, cocktail and mixed drinks to fit your desires and requirements.

Birthday function

Oscar Cooper offers a special places to be hired to your private ceremonies such as, birthday parties for kids and adults. These places are in the centre of Prahran, Oscar Cooper is the best place for your occasion especially birthday parties and engagement parties. Furthermore, we provide the service of organising a corporate function. As our friendly team workers who are all professional in their field could support you to tailor the ideal occasion to fit your theme amount of money. Our kitchen stuff are working together to create the most delicious plates for your party which fits all types of diets to find any thing you always wish. In conclusion, we work as a team to improve your happiness . Your wishes are our concerns. As a result, you will find out in our places more than you could expect and imagine.

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