People have becoming more and more conscious about their appearance in today’s world. Loss of hair can result as a blow to their self- esteem and personality. People are ready to undergo any treatment that ensure their hair back with satisfactory esthetic appearance. Different type of hair translations have started like -

  • Follicular hair extractions (FUE)
  • Follicular hair transplantation (FUT)
  • Body hair transplantation

All the surgical procedures have their own benefits and cost of treatment. Different countries all over world provide theses surgical facilities to the patients. Of thesecountries, well- known ones are United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Turkey, Istanbul, etc. Turkey has now become the medical hub on earth. It was already popular for its ophthalmic treatments and now following the league is hair transplant treatment. Istanbul too no behind in race.

Purposesof Hair transplants

  • Correction of hair line for esthetic purpose- many people are not happy with their natural hairline as they sometime decrease the esthetic appeal of the face. Alteration of this hairline is done here by our expert team.
  • Hair transplant correction- when a treatment is carried out my unexperienced practitioners it leads to patch and disturbed hairline and growth. Correction of this thus important.
  • Scar transplantation- other than altered hairline improper treatment also leads to scar formation at donor site. As a result patient is unable to wear their hair short. Hair is transplanted to the scar in such cases. So if the scars are not completely out newly integrated hair will help to cover scar and patient will be free to wear his hair in any length.
  • Beard hair transplant- people conscious of their look want a perfect a beard line. Body hair transplantation has been helpful in such cases.

Cost of Hair transplants

Being a developing country it provides hair transplant treatment at very cheaper rate than the developed countries. Best hair transplant treatments are provided here. Cost for different procedure with different countries is discussed below -


FUE :Per graft Cost - Turkey  $ 2 - 5,  Per graft - Cost - USA  $ 20 - 40 , Per graft, Cost - UK $ 5 – 10, Per graft Cost- UAE $ 8 – 10

FUT :Per graft Cost - Turkey  $ 1.5 - 2,  Per graft - Cost - USA  $ 5 – 10 , Per graft, Cost - UK $ 5 – 10, Per graft Cost- UAE $ 3 – 4.5

Factors related to hair transplants

  • Area of scalp to be treated - if the baldness is more, more grafts has to be placed. The cost of this treatment depends on this number of grafts decided by the practitioner after thorough examination.
  • Density of hair required - if patients requires more density and volume, the cost increases.

Condition of donating area – generally back of head is used as donating area but in case of damaged donating area, grafts has to be taken from other parts of the body like beard, chest, etc. This increases the complexity of the procedure thus the cost.

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