The Berwick Vampire

In the twelfth century, a wealthy man lived in Berwick in the Northern part of England close the border of Scotland. After his death , the people of England began seeing his body roaming the streets at night. Dogs would bark like crazy and howl all night long. The people decided to dismember the body and burn it. After the body was destroyed, the people of England did not see the body walking through the streets anymore. Disease spread through the town, but the people believed that it was the after effects from the vampire.

The Blow Vampire

Throughout the centuries, countless reports of vampirism have been recorded and reported. Massive trails of death , blood and superstition would follow. One case in particular is of Myslata of Blow who, in 1706 in Kadam, Bohemia, continued to return to the town even after his death . He wander the streets calling out the names of those he knew. They would die a few days later. The town officials had to take out Myslata. They exhumed his body and a stake was driven through his heart. That did not work and the Blow Vampire became even more terrifying and would suffocate his victims. He would laugh and mock people. The villagers then pierced his body with a white thorn stake and then they set burned him. His screams could be heard for the whole village to hear.

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Athena is a High Priestess of the Wicca religion. She is also a spiritual adviser.