Wake up, ladies! You do not need to carry your entire makeup kit when you are out on a road trip. With just a few smart tips, you can look gorgeous and feel comfortable at all times without stuffing your bag with hoards of cosmetics. Your guy cannot resist you on vacation, even if you have been committed for years. Pamper yourself, but do not burden your luggage with the things you can live without. Check out these things that you must carry on every journey without taking much pain.

Alligator Hair Clips and Tick Tack Pins

The alligator hair clips are highly versatile and sturdy hair accessory in your makeup kit. You can use them to tie up a messy bun without any hassle. You can secure a braid with one clip, or create many other hairstyles with these clips. The Tick Tack Pins are also great to tuck little strands of hair when you are in a mood to keep your hair loose.

Eye mask

If you have a problem with puffy eyes when you cannot sleep well, you must carry the eye masks to regenerate and stimulate skin cells. It becomes difficult to take a good nap in a bus, car, train, or airplane, which gives rise to fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, to ensure freshness for your eyes, you can keep these little masks. Your eyes will also thank you for the firmness and elasticity that these masks give to them.

Compressed Towels

What do you do when you feel like rejuvenating your face? What if you do not have a hand towel or a tissue? Don’t you feel helpless and wait for a place where you can wash your face? You don’t have to deal with that feeling of high and dry when you have compressed towels with you. Just carry a few of compressed towels in a bottle in your bag and use them with a few drops of water. And here you go. Use it as you want.


Use a high-quality concealer to hide any blemishes or dark spots on your face. It really comes in handy when you are sunburnt or tanned in hot regions. You would not want to spoil your photographs just because you forgot you get your sunscreen lotion. Read the next point.

Sunscreen lotion

You never realize what sunburnt skin is unless you get one. You never know how hot it might get in some regions in India or abroad. Therefore, it is better to be on the safe side and use a good number of SPF for your sunscreen lotion as per your requirement. You can also purchase a concealer enriched with SPF. Even while traveling in a car, you might get tanning on your skin; just be protected whether you go in a Self-Driving Car in Delhi or the hills around the country.

Face mask

You may not feel like applying any makeup if you use a high-quality face mask daily on your extended journeys. You just need to use it when you have 15 minutes at a stretch and take it off to feel fresh instantly. The face mask is meant to hydrate the skin and leave it glowing.

Nail file

Chipping of nails is the most irritating thing when you are traveling; you cannot help but keep looking at your soiled finger until you can cut off the hewed nail. You do not have to bother about it if you have a little nail file in your bag at all times.

Red lipstick

Red lipstick is the best makeup hack when you do not want to apply several products on your face. Just use it with just eyeliner and kohl in your eyes, and you will feel instantly transformed. Use a lip balm before the lipstick to avoid drying of lips.

Using just a few cosmetics while traveling will make you feel light and comfortable. If you apply too much of makeup, you will not be able to enjoy your surroundings, which is what you came out of the house. Isn’t it? When you have the right set of makeup accessories, you can focus on enjoyment than your looks.

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I have travelled many places using car rental services and experienced that every person can need all these accessories while travelling.