The banking industry in Europe requires reorganization. The wide range of new challenges includes non-bank finance firms, fintech startups, and technology banks. They are requesting the bank customers to choose carefully the new propositions and other banking programs. The head of European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi has a critical role to play in reviving the economic footing of the Eurozone. The policies of Draghi have remained accommodative, but he is required to have a preventive stance.

The best way to get profit from is through financial stocks. The banks of Europe are experiencing a dividend momentum and positive earning. It has been the strongest in the last 8 years. This means you can benefit from the online loans. For making an informed decision, you can use . It is an easy way to borrow money.

Moreover, when looking for loans, you need to have complete knowledge. With the help of , you can know everything about the online loan. The ECB will be making an increase in the rate in the following year. This hike will be the final catalyst for better bank earnings. Along with this, it will start a new cycle that will result in high earnings for the market. This change will bring a positive change in the currency and bank stocks. The banks of Italy, Spain, and France will be at the top to benefit from the normalization of the rate in Europe. It is recommended to the investors that they must stay invested in European banks.

Furthermore, the Chief Executive of the Deutsche Bank stated that it is the right time to increase the interest rates. John Cryan is of the view that the cheap money in Europe must end now. The ECB is investing 60 billion Euros a month in the market to stimulate growth. The total amount of investment is 2 trillion Euros. Since 2014, it had a negative interest rate.

According to John, Europe can benefit by ending the negative interest rate. It will greatly be beneficial for Europe if a single European financial market was created. The reason for this stance of John is that the cheap Euro has helped the banks and economies to go through the financial crisis. Unfortunately, it has pushed the bonds of government to a lower level. This has resulted in raising the property prices, but it has been good for stock markets. The volatility in the market is low.

John says a strict monetary policy will help the banks of European Union. He has blamed the low-interest rate for the decrease in the profits at banks of Europe.

In the end, Mario is responsible for bringing a positive change in the economy of Eurozone. His policies have helped by increasing growth, decreasing inflation and creation of more jobs. He believes that more interest rates reduction is not necessary. There is no doubt ECB is in great place than 5 years ago. It was a time when the economy was in recession, unemployment was increasing and European economies were close to falling in debt crisis.

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