Asian 2892 is well known in the world of watches for centuries. Among the Swiss Watch Movements one belongs to Asian 2892 that is manufactured by ETA, which is a subsidiary of the Swatch Company which is the largest Swiss watch maker. Asian 2892 is the Swiss movement which is mechanical that is found in some of the best watch brands.

ETA started with the company Eterna, whose main aim was to introduce mechanical movements. The most popular one of ETA is Omega 8500. The movement of the ETA could easily be compared with the best quartz movement like Citizen and Seiko for compatibility.

The Characteristics of ETA 2892

ETA started producing slim watches with good shock protection which comes with high quality material. ETA was the first one to start day and date complications and also added a decorative touch to the watches by adding jewels. ETA also came with the automatic Omega, the luxury sports brand which was the envy of the entire watch industry.

The size of the strap design or bracelet was 42mm or 45.5mm. The design of the case of Planet Ocean is quite similar to Sea Master Professional. It has a lot of good features like resistance to water from 600m – 2000 feet. The quadrant on the upper left of the hand has helium escape. The crown for winding is on the right which has quite a large diameter.

Why Choose Asian 2892?

Planet Ocean manufactured with Asian 2892 comes with a manufacture warranty of 3 years. It is versatile and offers a large variety in the bracelet and the strap. The designing is ideal for men as well as women. The special feature is the width of the lug which is 20mm. The price is a little on the higher side with $4500 in Canada and $3400 in the United States.

As a result of mergers ETA has become the largest manufacturer of Swiss watch movements. It produces and supplies a large number of watches in the world. At the same time many small companies have jumped in the fray for preparing replicas. The logos on the watch have become accurate and copying of the stand backs on the case has become difficult.

The Best Planet Ocean Replica

The best replica of Planet Ocean is made with the bezel of the original Omega and the sapphire crystals that are used in the watch. It has a dial of blue liquid metal and white numerals, hour markers which are super luminous, green minute hands, blue hour hands and green hour numerals. The tone of the dial is exactly like the original of liquidmetal texture.

The Titanium case is lightweight like the genuine. It has the perfect finish like the authentic watches. There is a serial number which is engraved at the back of 7.00 Marker. The titanium strap is lightweight like the genuine with Ceramic ball bearings which are also like the original. The sapphire crystals inserted in the watch are scratch proof and anti-reflective.

So, if you want to get a watch a Planet Ocean Replica looks like the original and costs a fraction of the price

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