Real Enigma of India Hidden In Atithi Devo Bhava!
Travelling is a very enjoyable, refreshing and an exciting venture that includes visiting numerous attractive destinations. Starting from kids to senior citizens, it satisfies all. There are so many breaths taking natural and artificial manmade sculptures which evoke the glory of the past, the expectations of the present and the hints of the future unfolding itself is which attracts people in the teeming millions to whichever place or country it belongs. Such is the beauty of this aspect
The tourism in one country that stands out among its competitors is none other than Indian tourism, which is an all-in-all package of everything one’s eyes would want to feast upon. India is a country that beautifully blends in with the cultural diversity of the people and the spectacular natural wealth. Starting from mountains, valleys, deserts, coasts, rainforests, canyons, plains – it has it all. India also has the perfect amalgamation of seasons, just the thing the tourists look forward to as a comfort during their holidays.
A gateway for experiencing the all four seasons
India’s geographical location provides much to its cause of having all the 4 seasons in one country. Winter in the Himalayas, summer in the plains, monsoons in the coastal plains and autumnal springs in the rest of the landscape is so breath taking that it shows a different form of natural beauty . Tourists inside the country, or from abroad, backpacking through India, have reportedly praised the normal day to day happenings are so magnanimous that even the sunrise and sunset set their minds in whirls. The same sun appears so different from different parts of the same country.
Filling the soul and mind
India’s tourism is vast and it has records of having a lot of foreign visitors to different parts of the country almost all year round. Tourism is India's one of the major economic backbones which adds to the national income and the per capita of the country. It is a very major industry in certain states like Goa, Assam, Meghalaya, Rajasthan and most important of all, Jammu and Kashmir. Visiting each one of these destinations might take your breath away due to the natural beauty associated.
Getting acquainted with history
Other than the natural beauty, India also has a rare collection of animal breeds like the white tiger and the golden langur in various famous wildlife sanctuaries. With this comes the unparalleledIndian history where India was ruled by wealthy monarchs for a century which has only added to the greatness, grandness, and heritage of the country. It is also the cradle to one of the world’s first civilizations that have left their great architectural marvels behind and not to mention the heavy impact they have had in modern architecture.
Deciding upon the next trip
India is truly incredible with all the religions, various cultures, its rich accumulation of food and overall the love for each other. You will be missing out on a lot if you don’t come to visit this land of colorsat least once. Incredible India is waiting for you.
The land of India is one of great history and wonder. This nation of South Asia is one of the most densely populated in the entire world. Beyond being just one of the most inhabited nations of the world, India is also a country in possession of significant natural beauty. It is a type of beauty that is unique to this wondrous land, and it has captivated and allured millions upon millions of tourists over the years. Several sites all over India are wildly popular for their natural beauty, but tucked away into the hills of Uttarakhand is one place that warrants at least one visit from the tourist population. Nainital tour packages are designed to introduce people to this remarkably lovable locale.
Leading the list of notable tourist destination in Nainital is the lake it takes its very own name from. Nainital Lake is found right in the middle of the city. Along the banks of this beautiful lake is a collection of spectacular and natural attractions. Nainital tour packages can provide people with access to this beautiful lake. The sights surrounding the lake can be enjoyed either through a casual promenade or even while sailing around in a small boat. Also found within the confines of the lake is a bridge that joins together the north and south banks. Several shops can be found along the bridge, and they are just some of the noteworthy sites people can visit with their Nainital tour packages.
Also found within Nainital is a sacred site for Hindus. The Naini Devi Temple is rumored to be one of the 64 Shaktipeeths. Located within the temple is the Shrine of Naini Devi, and this is the site in particular that people visit when they head to this destination. For people looking for a spiritual experience while on vacation, Nainital tour packages are going to certainly help them with their intentions. There is another religious site of note that is found within Nainital. St. John in the Wilderness is a church that was opened way back in 1844. The religious site also features a brass plaque on its altar that commemorates the victims of the tragic landslide of 1880.
Nainital is also home to a number of beautiful structures. First on the list is the famous Governor's House. Nainital tour packages provide people with a unique opportunity to see this site up close and personal. The once government-only structure has transformed into a tourist destination of sorts. With its many features and spectacular design, it is of no surprise that the home evolved into one of the more destinations in the region. Nainital tour packages also enable people to visit another gorgeous example of architecture within this city. The Gurney House is famous for being the former place of residence of the famed hunter turned conservationist Jim Corbett. The Gurney House is located Ayarpatta Hill. The former place of private residence now serves as a museum of sorts for all the belongings Corbett left behind.

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