Looking good is not only a necessity for the D-day but also in all of the post-wedding events. When it comes to honeymoon, that is all about capturing the beginning of a new phase of life into stills, it's imperative to look picture perfect all the time. For this, a newly wed bride needs to stuff her makeup box with makeup essentials. Here's a list of all that needs to be there in the kit:


Skipping the cleansing, toning and moisturising part that's a part of a beauty regime, we'll jump right onto the makeup essentials. So, the first thing we start up with is a primer as it helps your makeup last longer. It eliminates the need of expensive long stay makeup products and also prevents the makeup from fading away due to sun exposure and pollution.

Three-in-one mousse:

Kicking away the traditional foundation, concealer and face powder routine, here's a product that gives you the benefits of all these three products collectively. It's a concoction of a concealer that'll hide your blemishes and, foundation that will even out the complexion, and face powder that'll hold the two things in place. You just have to dab this on to your face for that fresh and glowing look.

Highlighter and bronzer palette:

Once you are done with the mousse, it's time for bronzer and blush application. Select a palette that best suits your skin tone. Bronzer will help make your face look slimmer and blush will give you that lovely rose toned glow.


Now, let's come to the eye makeup. You have a number of options when choosing an eyeliner. Depending on your preference you may go for a liquid, gel or powder eyeliner. It is advisable to stick to black and brown color for that defined look.


For those who are not comfortable with an eyeliner may even opt for kohl. Kohl itself is essential for that picture perfect look as it makes your eyes defined and attractive.


Mascara is the next item to be tossed into your makeup kit. Depending upon what type of eyelashes you have, you may opt for lengthening, volumizing or curling mascara.

Lip color:

Lip color is a must to complete the makeup look. It's advisable to pick a lip color which is not more than 2 shades darker than your natural lip color. Also consider applying a coat, dabbing it with a tissue and then applying the second coat for a longer lasting look.

Makeup brushes and sponge:

It's always easy to apply makeup with brushes or sponges. Make sure that you carry an entire kit containing all sort of brushes needed.


Last but not the least, include a nail paint into your makeup kit. Also, the most preferred color for the newly wed brides is red. You may go for any shade of red!

That's all you need to look great in your honeymoon pictures. Go ahead and start packing!

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