Here is another true modern day miracle that took place not too long ago and it’s a pretty amazing story. Peter Suslock who lives in the US has a bulldog by the name of Harley… and they have been companions for years. Then Harley became terribly ill.

Peter loves his bulldog Harley and they are inseparable, they go everywhere together, be it the grocery store or out for a walk in the park. And when his Harley turned 7 years old all of a sudden Harley became ill. Peter was lifting Harley off the bed and all of a sudden Harley went limp and Peter thought he had passed out or even died… and he started to weep. So he called his friends and they rushed Harley to the vets and they did lots of tests and even took Harley to a couple of specialists and had an MRI done. And what they found was that his companion ended up having multiple strokes… and really could not move or do anything.

And this was overwhelming for Peter and but he bravely put on a happy face and did what he had to do… taking his friend outside to do to the bathroom, carrying him everywhere he went. But Harley was not the same his dog, he did not respond in any way at all. Peter could look into Harley’s eyes and it was as though Harley was not there. And all the specialists told Peter that Harley would never recover that Harley would be this way for the rest of his life.

And so Peter was distraught that his companion of so many years was now lifeless. So one night Peter put Harley on his bed and began to weep, and cry with great tears running down his face. And even though Peter was not a spiritual or religious person at all… he prayed to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit to help his friend. And Peter said, “I’m not ready to let Harley go… I can’t do this… please help him”.

And as they were laying in bed a great warmth came over both the Harley and Peter it was like a blanket of love, a blanket of peace , a blanket of contentment that filled the room and enveloped both Peter and Harley. And then when Peter woke up in the morning he looked into the eyes of his lifelong friend and his friend was back. And Harley jumped off the bed… and it was as if… nothing ever happened.

And he took Harley back to the vet and the two specialists, and they could not believe their eyes… they said this type of healing was impossible. Yet Harley was totally healed, totally fine, and totally normal in every way.

I guess God, the Universe, and Great Spirit was listening to Peter’s heartfelt plea and embraced Peter and Harley in the healing warmth of grace and peace .

Never underestimate what God, the Universe, and Great Spirit can do…


Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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