Most people only go to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit when there is a problem. But devotion to God should be given daily with great gratitude for everything in life. Here is one routine.

Most people only think of their spiritual connection when something goes wrong. Then they get down on their knees and ask for God, the Universe, and Great Spirit to come to them and take care of their problem. But the reality is Great Spirit wants our love and adoration.

Light Some Incense - Incense has been used for centuries to set the mood and to praise God and take our prayers into the heavens. Plus to sanctify the area and for cleansing.

Play Some Devotional Music - Play some devotional music which means something to you. Music that uplifting and brings tears to your eyes.

Place a Gift on Your Altar - Place a gift of something important to you on your altar for one day or for long periods of time. Change these out on a regular basis, it could be fruit, nuts, sweets, aromatic oils, frankincense, flowers, and other gifts.

Say Some Prayers - Say prayers at your altar— upon which you have something that symbolizes a connection to Great Spirit. It could be a cross, a photo, a painting, anything that reminds you of God and Great Spirit. In your prayers tell Great Spirit just how grateful you are for having life and for all the things that have happened in the previous 24 hours. Give thanks that God is in your life and will take care of you. And be joyful that Great Spirit is there for you.

Sing Songs of Praise- Sing with joyous praise to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. Sing about God is in your life every single day. Your song could be very simple, very intricate, long or short. What’s important is the amount of emotion that one puts into every song.

Repeat the Name of God Over and Over - At your altar remember to repeat the name of God over and over again. Be it Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or any other name that you like. For the name of God is powerful— it away karma and allows for the cleansing of thy spirit, thus creating possibilities for a good things to come your way.

Most of all it’s important to give devotion to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit daily. Not just when you think about it, and not just when you want something, and not from habit. It has to be genuine and full of love and caring for Great Spirit, God, and the Universe.

Make your routine personal, and make it fit your way of giving thanks to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

This process not only uplifts your spirit— but also uplifts all those around you— thus life is better in general for everyone.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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