“We Can Have Negative Entities Attached to Us”

If a person has high blood pressure we treat them with diet change, herbs , supplements, exercise , and eventually, his blood pressure comes down. But if a person has a spiritual ailment what do we do? With 80% of the people have some kind of negative entity attached to them. We can have negative entities cling to us and create havoc in our life and this can lead to all sorts of negative things taking place.

I was talking to a person the other day who had his best friend die in a tragic accident… and ever since he has not been able to sleep. He has done counseling, has gone to multiple doctors, but nothing seems to work at all to help him sleep. He has nightmares and wakes up with a racing heart.

First, make sure the body is in good shape and he has done all the right things to get his body in shape. Going to the doctor, eating right, taking supplements, and so forth.

Second, it’s important that some sort of professional counseling be done, because deep down inside there can be unresolved issues around death . And perhaps, he also has a fear of dying in a tragic accident just like his friend. And thus all of this needs to be addressed in counseling.

Third, it’s important to stop the cycle of thinking which leads to insomnia. And the only thing that works is saying the name of God over and over again silently all day long. It must be a personal name such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and thousands of other names of God. Just saying “God” is not personal enough. Repeating the personal name of God stops the cycle of intruding thoughts and allows the mind to find peace .

Fourth, when the mind calls trying to drag him into that cycle of negative thinking it’s important that he not answer that call. He may hear that voice trying to get him upset and fearful. But he must not heed that voice and thus move onto something more uplifting and peaceful to dwell upon.

Fifth, learn meditation is important because this is all about not allowing the mind to run amuck. And there are two ways to do this—first, by taking a FREE 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat or by learning TM meditation… either will work. But for cementing the learning process of meditation into the mind the Vipassana 10 Day Retreat is powerful and truly changes a person by the time they leave the retreat.

Sixth, read uplifting spiritual texts allows peace to filter in and thus life to flow easily. It’s amazing how powerful reading a spiritual book can be. It’s one of the most important aspects of life. And reading a passage of spiritual text before going to bed can make a huge difference. Personally, I read something spiritually uplifting every single day. There is something calming and peaceful that happens while reading spiritual texts.

Seventh, take holy water and sprinkle it all over and do a cleansing of thy body.

And there are many, more ways to heal our spirit via other types of cleansing and even in extreme cases exorcisms … but this is a very good start for the beginner.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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