You have probably been given this advice a thousand times and over, but it can never be overemphasized. With a new baby, your home needs to stay clean and safe to create a beautiful environment for your little one. Your home should be full of light, color, and laughter. Here are a few home décor tricks for new moms to be.

Functional Storage

An organized home is an efficient home. Invest in a functional but stylish storage space that you can tuck away toys or clutter after you are done using them. Make sure you put everything in place after use to avoid disorder. Remember there are nights where you will be carrying your baby back and forth in the middle of the night, and you would not want to trip on a misplaced book, toy, or chair. Also, do not forget to invest in the best cooling pillow for such nights.

Washable Wallpaper

With a baby in your home, expect your walls to be occasionally hit by pee sprays, crayon, markers, sticky fingers, and food. Thanks to washable wallpaper, you can easily clean out all the mess with a scrub. You could also repaint your walls with washable flat paint.

Nursery Window Treatment

Whatever window placement you put in the nursery, make sure it can mimic nighttime any time of the day. Blackout shades are highly recommended. Darkness will get the baby’s eyes droopy in no time.

Do Not Forget The Floor

After the baby, you will realize that most of your days will be spent on the floor. It is on this floor that you will change diapers, have playtime, practice new tricks, learn how to crawl among other things. Hence, it is essential that you put some thought into the floor when doing your home décor. Invest in soft area rugs that cover most open floors in your home. In case you have a carpet, ensure it is cleaned professionally before the baby arrives to remove all dust. If need be, replace the carpet with a more colorful design.

Make Space For Clothes That Do Not Fit

Those little onesies and pajamas will not fit before you know it. They grow up so fast. Create space for all the clothes your baby will outgrow. Clean and fold them neatly. You can donate, pass down or turn them into rugs after that.

Maintain A Spic n Span Baby Feeding Area

This is one of the most important areas of your home. This area should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure nothing is cross-contaminated. Place all of the feeding items in a clean, organic, and sanitized area.

Soon to be moms should keep in mind that their babies will not be infants for too long. Hence, when doing their home décor, they should also plan for the future when the baby is a toddler. They should have this in mind when choosing their cribs and decorating their rooms. Most importantly put all dangerous items out of the baby’s reach. Happy Nesting!

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