There is no doubt that moving out of the house is up there with some of the most stressful tasks of our life. Not only does it involve a lot of effort and extensive planning to relocate your whole life from one place to another, but this also accompanies a to-do list which is never ending. Precisely for this reason, cleaning responsibilities often take a backseat when in reality it should have utmost priority since it will not only save you a headache later on but also prevent disputes with the landlord or agent.

To avoid these clashes, here are a few mistakes of an end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and ways in which you can avoid them:-

Not cleaning enough, or at all: You have to clean; always. In most residential tenancy agreements, it is written that the rental property must be extensively cleaned before vacating it. This usually means a deep clean, not a quick sweep with the vacuum.

If you want your bond money to be returned in full, you need to remove all rubbish and personal belongings. Also, both the interior and exterior of the house should be completely empty and spotless from any damage. The sensible thing to do will be to hire professional cleaners who have years of experience in this field.

Cleaning before emptying the house: More often than not, people make the mistake of cleaning their house while there is still furniture and other personal items present. Not only will it make it difficult to access certain areas but the chances are that you will miss out cleaning many areas.
You should only remove start cleaning after removing everything from the house since a moving process will undoubtedly create more mess that you will have to clean later. The best time to clean is when you have completely emptied your house.

Choosing the wrong cleaners: Most cleaning companies will proclaim that the can offer the best Melbourne bond cleaning, but it’s your responsibility to access whether they will be able to clean to the standards required by the landlord or agent. Always look for certified cleaners who have favourable reviews and those who can guarantee to re-clean the property free of cost if the landlord or agent requires it.

Not following the vacating checklist: Sure, this is detailed, and you might find that the expectations are unfair considering the state of the property when you moved in, but it can’t be denied that a vacating checklist comes in handy in facilitating an acceptable clean. If you want to avoid hassles later on and having to return to the property for a re-clean, it’s imperative that you have a vacating checklist.

Thinking you can DIY: If you are planning to go the DIY way, you need to allow yourself enough time as it will take much longer. If you are doing a full-time job, it might be challenging for you to coordinate the entire process on your own. Precisely for this reason, it’s always wise to hire professional cleaners for the job.

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The author Ron Spencer is an expert in end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and has been catering such services to his clients for several years now. If you are looking to get help regarding Melbourne bond cleaning , he can certainly help you out.