Travelling and exploring new places have the power to heal your restless and broken soul. I was having a tough time living my normal life, but it was tougher to pen down my wanderlust thoughts.

I never knew cities that are known for their untamed atmosphere and beach attractions can give you hope and a reason to live. It was Goa for me. Not the entire state of Goa, but the northern part of Goa. Booking cheap flights to Goa was a dream come true, which I never imagined.

Come with me on a journey among swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, luscious seafood, food, fun and fiestas. Keeping aside the storms of life, let’s proceed towards the serene destination of Goa.

North Goa – The Healing Begins

It is believed that either you are healed among the crowd or you are healed in isolation. North Goa is described as crammed with people, bright and sunny. If you are heading for North Goa, there are few things that you need to pin up to your itinerary list. In order to travel, you can book a cab, board a taxi or travel in a city bus.

But for most people, a bike or any kind of a 2 wheeler is the most preferred vehicle. I guess the beginning was quite good. I needed something to soothe me down. Even the unknown faces in Goa were a balm to me, transforming me gradually to someone stronger and better.

Setting Feet on the Coco Beach

I love dolphins. So the first place of attraction was spotting a dolphin at the Coco Beach. We were told that to sight a dolphin, we need to be at the Coco Beach around 9 AM.

Upon reaching the beach, several people were waiting eagerly to spot the wonderful creatures. You will need a boat to go out a bit into the middle of the sea and spot this attractive mammal. The trip was a memorable one. I kept my eyes towards the horizon, focusing on my ray of hope for the future.

The Majestic Fort Aguada

En route, you can see the iconic Fort Aguada, homes of famous movie stars and the Central Jail. Fort Aguada is usually a Portuguese fort, now maintained by the Archaeological Society of India. A majestic view of the Arabian Sea can be enjoyed from this fort. The fort and the raging sea made me determined.

There were a few lonesome visitors who just on the fort wall and kept gazing at the sea. Nature does have the power to heal you. Thanks to God for giving me a good deal on Goa flights. Everything was going like clockwork.

The name ‘Aguada’ stands for 'watering place' and it served as an alcove for storing fresh water. After spending quality time, you can head towards Sinquerim Beach.

Pristine Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim beach is located quite close to Fort Aguada and it is secluded in comparison to the other North Goa beaches. Another captivating beach is Candolim Beach, which is quite near to the fort. With an amazing stretch of sand and beauty , the beach is conjoined to the fort and the view becomes highly scenic and you can indulge in a variety of water-sports here.

Crazy Sports at Baga

The Baga Beach should be your next spot. A word of caution: beaches can be quite irritating during the afternoons due to humidity and heat but Baga is highly famous for some thrilling sports .

You will soon see why Baga Beach is a crazy place. The beach is wonderfully crowded, even shops too. It's truly a happening beach in Goa. Do try out jet-ski, parasailing and other beach sports .

The jet-ski is extremely thrilling. There are some instructions before you get to do this. Leave this beach only after enjoying a beach lunch. The next spot was Anjuna Beach, close to Chapora fort and it is quite favourite with young people.

Chapora Fort

The fate of the place now lies in ruins. It is tagged as 'neglected by people and famous with tourists'. With a nice short trek, you can reach up to the fort and enjoy the view from the top. As you enter the fort, you will come across a wide field with tall grass and red sand all over.

The atmosphere is something which you cannot carry back, but feel it piercing into your soul. Wait till the sunset and go back with amazing memories. That’s what I am carrying now – unforgettable Goan memoirs.

Do not just travel to Goa merely for fun and exotic locations. Sometimes your healing resides in a new place, totally unknown and obscured. You just have to find it.

The best time to visit Goa is from mid-November to mid-February, hence, now is the best time to bag special flights to Goa with discounts and other travel deals.

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I'm Daniel Cooper, a travel blogger who loves to pen down my globetrotting thoughts and tips on how to avail cheap holiday packages as well as budget flights. You might catch me at a coffee shop, under a coconut tree or in my closet. That's my cure for wanderlust. Occasionally, hope you enjoy my travel chronicles and other informative stuff. Happy reading!