These days, toll free virtual officesare often used bysmall, mainly home-based businesses. Some of the major advantages of getting a toll free virtual office are listed below for you convenience:

1. Look bigger with a toll free virtual office

In case you are planning to look like a bigger firm than a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), you can get a professional greeting system upon receiving a call. Unfortunately, these systems cost thousands of dollars just to install and even much more to maintain. But the good news is, these can also be maintained with a virtual office at very less prices.

Many of these virtual offices are available with several extension facilities. Even if you are a one-person business, it is not necessary to look like it. Let the caller get options, like sales, administration, billing and support over the phone. It does not make a difference even if all the extensions lead to you directly. Many researchers have proven that people tend to think that companies with toll free numbers are bigger and much established. It gives them a sense of security and safety that they always appreciate.

2. Ability to move around

Forget the idea of getting a brick and mortar office and opt for a virtual office in order to get new clients without having to move from your present location. Moreover, with a virtual office, you can get all the calls diverted to your number or to your office phone or even your home phone without missing a single call. For example, if your office is not in South America but all your clients are there, get a toll free number to get all voicemail messages through email or an online access panel. In this way, you can get your business growing without worrying about where you are originally located. Furthermore, you can telecommute and ask your receptionist to work from home.But all of this can happen only if you have a virtual toll free office. Moreover, virtual offices make it easier to transfer calls and other extensions or numbers online.Basically, for busy as well as freeindividuals, getting a voicemail delivered is a fantastic idea. As a result, you do not have to wait near the phone to receive an important call.

3. Price

We all know that PBX is way too expensive for small businesses. A toll free virtual office is a great idea since it does not misbalance the budget of the business.Depending on the functions and features, the systems’ costs vary from $10 to $60;so you can choose accordingly. Different features, such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, many ringtone numbers, on hold music,etc. are also offered at reasonable prices.These virtual toll free offices offer a great image to the clients and deliver a professional attitude . It is best to at least take a look at what such virtual offices have to offer.

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