If you have a passion for travel and an eye to see the best the world can offer, you'll be fascinated with holidays to Morocco. You just have to choose the place that suits you, or the destination you need to visit, that will give you the ultimate peace or adventure, history or tranquillity.

To make things easy and compact, we have jumbled up the top 10 facets of Morocco for a unique holiday.

The History

If history makers are dynamic like the Romans, the Berbers and Spanish invaders, you bet, Morocco experience is going to be jaw-dropping. As you move from region to region, you will be able to easily encounter and see the influences for yourself. Whether it's edifices, cuisine, culture or events, there's no dearth of amazement.

Iconic Cities

Morocco has had at least four capital cities till now - Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakesh. Each of these cities bears an ancient influence. The cities have everything one needs to see and explore. Be its churches, museums, mosques or palaces these take you to those ancient times when the shape of Morocco was being planned.

The souks in the cities can get overcrowded during this time, these markets can be baffling, but no doubt, every niche and turn is overwhelming.

Trekker's Paradise

Morocco is surrounded by mountains with excellent trekking trails. The Rif Mountains, Middle Atlas Mountain, High Atlas Mountains and Anti-Atlas Mountains get all the attention from trekkers and climbers.

Situated towards the northern belt, the Rif Mountains might not be as tall as the High Atlas Mountains, but they are dotted with caves and forests. Some quieter ones are the Anti-Atlas Mountains and the Middle Mountains that offer a more personalized touch with nature.


The best time to travel to Morocco purely depends on what you plan and which festivals you wish to experience. If you wish to be a part of the Moroccan festivals, you can travel any time of the year.

To marvel during special events in Fes or Marrakesh, the best time to visit Morocco is from April to May, or September to November with Morocco all inclusive holidays. The atmosphere is pleasant and balmy. So, plan your trip to concur with one of the festivals of Morocco and merge in the rich heritage and culture of this North African city.


The country's most popular shopping spots are Casablanca, Tangier and Fez. The markets are brimming with leather goods, ceramics, carpets and ornaments. Haggling is a healthy activity practised with the vendors and shop owners.

Steam Baths

Iconic and treasured, the Moroccan steam baths are leisure activities not only for international visitors but also for the locals. You could either use public steam baths or any private bath at someone's home. But nothing is like experiencing a public steam bath.

The Food

The Moroccan air is filled with the aroma of various spices and herbs . Moroccan stews and couscous are world-famous, prepared either with meat products or fishes. Every meal is served with mint tea, a wonderful Moroccan delicacy.


Morocco is blessed to have Mediterranean coast as well as the Atlantic coast to itself, hence, there's no absence of seaside activities and recreation. The Mediterranean shoreline is rocky and rough. Many do not attempt swimming here, but you can admire and capture stunning views. Make sure you do visit the beaches of Casablanca and making the best of your holidays to Agadir.


Do not mix the raids of Morocco with the movie The Raid. Raids are customary homes, or even palaces that have gardens. If you get a chance to visit Morocco, you can see several hotels transformed into gardens or raids. Make sure you step into one of the raids and explore the architecture.

The Desert Delights

The Sahara is located towards the south of Anti-Atlas Hills, which can be explored best either with a camel ride or a desert safari tour on a 4x4. The attractive looking quad bikes are rough enough to take you over the sandy paths through the villages. Camping is a favourite pastime for many. Enjoy sleeping under the pitch black sky and let the sunrise wake you up.

In case, you are looking for a combination of breathtaking features, don't look beyond Morocco. The assorted destination offers palatial museums, majestic palaces, lip-smacking cuisine and wide-spread natural landscapes. It's the perfect time to book your Holidays to Morocco and travel to this enchanting destination.

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